Three Sisters Quotes


“A man ought to work, to toil in the sweat of his brow, whoever he may be, and all the purpose and meaning of his life, his happiness, and his ecstasies lie in that alone.”


The meaning of this quote is obvious- no pains no gains. The author wants to prove that the work is significant for the human existence. People need usual things such as food, clothes and dwelling for their life. The new things appear in the present life and people want to have it for conveniences and possibilities. But they must make efforts, use all their knowledge and talents to obtain a result and provide for the family and further life. The toil is life. During the life, people start working with a small assistance of parents and after a long time they make progress in their career.

If you want to attain something, you should work industriously. The great result is waiting for you in ahead. First of all, it depends on you and your persistence.

“Life is hard. It seems to many of us dull and hopeless; but yet we must admit that it goes on getting clearer and easier, and it looks as though the time were not far off when it'll be full of happiness.”


Each character of this story has everyday difficulties which can take their hopes away. Somebody wants to have a happy marriage and family, somebody wants to be wealthy and execute any whims of fate. Chekhov places high emphasis on the ill- fated characters, their problems and how they are unlucky. At the same time, he shows that characters don’t become panic-stricken. They believe in a better future, don’t despair and try to avoid obstacles.

People shouldn’t give up their dreams. They must continue to work for their goals. The author gives a really good piece of advice and everybody must keep it in mind despite the hardships.

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