Three Sisters Metaphors and Similes

Three Sisters Metaphors and Similes

Undesirable love (Metaphor)

As we know the major theme of this story is love. Masha and Vershinin are characters, who find the support and something attractive in each other. They both are married and have own families and children, but these marriages are undesirable. And love is false in their families. It doesn’t exist between Masha and her husband. Also Vershinin doesn’t feel the lust to his wife. But they find each other and their love becomes passionate.

Impossible hopes (Metaphor)

In general, hopes and dreams are possible in all probability. Everybody tries to do everything to achieve the aim. But it is no concern of our main characters. Yes, three sisters, Olga, Masha and Irina, have many hopes, dreams and aims. But they don’t make efforts. They think that it is better to sit in one place and do nothing. And at the same time they always make complains.

Rot talk (Simile)

During the conversation between Masha and Chebutykin, one misunderstanding is arisen. Chebutykin teases Masha and that’s why she becomes angry saying to him “You're sixty years old, but you talk rot like a schoolboy, just to raise hell”. She thinks that he is stupid like a mean schoolboy.

Solyony: How do you feel? Chebutykin [angrily]: Like a pig in clover(Simile)

When Solyony asks Chebutykin how the world goes with him, he said that he is fine. His answer means that everything is more than excellent, but his intonation the very opposite impression.

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