Three Sisters Background

Three Sisters Background

Three Sisters is a play in four acts written by Anton Chekhov in 1900. It was first published in the journal “Russian idea” (№ 2 for the year 1901); it was published by a separate edition with changes and amendments in the same year in Marx's publishing house.

Written by order of the Moscow Art Theatre and first presented to the public on January 31, 1901, Chekhov's play does not leave the scene for more than a hundred years - both in Russia and abroad.

It immediately won the love of the audience. The most famous actors of the time played roles in it, their game was just gorgeous. But not only had the actors intrigued viewers. In the play Chekhov raises the important human problems, the main of which was the problem of human orientation in life. This topic is clearly apparent throughout the work, repeats in reflections, debates, actions of heroes.

The source of the conflict in the play is a motif of loneliness of modern man in his family, among the people he loves and who love him. But it is not the physical loneliness, when no one is around in the truest sense. It is a lack of a soulmate who would understand all the emotional moods, who would be similar in hopes and dreams.

In Chekhov's play all the characters - the sisters Prozorov, their brother Andrew, friends of their house – are separated and alone, despite the fact that they love each other. These heroes are helpless: they can understand neither themselves nor others.

Throughout the twentieth century the eminent directors refer to Three Sisters each time revealing the new thoughts in the Chekhov’s drama, in keeping with the new era. Interest to the play doesn’t weaken in the XXI century as well.

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