Three Sisters Imagery

Three Sisters Imagery

Prozorov house

Chekhov uses the imagery of the house to convey its atmosphere. Firstly, he describes its “drawing-room with columns beyond which a large room is visible. The house is bright and sunny.” But this beautiful description hides the real atmosphere. The life of three sisters after their father’s death, Natasha’s appearance and finally loneliness and despondency of sisters becomes boring and dreadful.

The fire in the third action

The author clearly describes the scene of the fire: “Through the open door can be seen a window red with fire; the fire brigade is heard passing the house. How awful it is!” This fire grieves Prozorov family and sisters suffer losses. Their life becomes more pitiful.

The duel

“It was to be at half-past twelve in the Crown forest that we can see from here beyond the river . . . Piff-paff!” This sound means that the baron is died. Solyony annoys the baron and at the end he challenges him. Irina loves the baron. And when she gets know about his death, she becomes disappointed and heavy-hearted.

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