The Nose Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

The Nose Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Nose (Symbol)

In Gogol’s story the nose is a symbol of the empty decency, of an existence of a person without inner world, like a doll. Moreover, it appears that Major Kovalyov has a high rank and likes to sport in a new suit by streets. The unhappy owner of the nose with the loss of the part of his body has lost his expression, and it is tragedy for Kovalyov, who always strives to make a career. Nose stands as a symbol of lost appearance, and ridicules in the way what people really lack – personality.

Appearance (Allegory)

Nowadays many people are too dependent on their appearance. Everybody considers that appearance plays the main role in life. The career and social status doesn’t exist without a charming face and a very expensive suit. Kovalyov is sure that his life is crushed without his nose. The society is so used to judge people by appearance that it forgets about the soul, about the inner world.

System of values (Allegory)

Every person has his own values, which bring joy into life. It can be the filling up life with funny moments, bringing happiness for people or caring about one’s family. The main character is confident that he doesn’t have important things in his life. But when the trouble appears he conceives than person begins to value things, when he loses them. The author makes fun of the society in which the high position and rank are appreciated more than relatives, family, love and personality.

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