The Nose Background

The Nose Background

"The Nose" - a satirical absurdist novel written by Nikolai Gogol in the 1832-1833 years.

Nose in the story symbolizes the vapid external decency image, which, as it turns out, may exist without any inner personality. And what's more, it turns out that in the usual collegiate assessor that image is three orders higher his personality. On the contrary, the unfortunate owner of the nose, having lost such an important part of his appearance, is completely lost, because without a nose one cannot appear in the official institution, in a secular society, or for a stroll along Nevsky Prospekt. For Kovalev, who primarily rushes to a successful career in his life, it is a tragedy. In "The Nose," Gogol seeks to show the image of an empty and bombastic man who loves the outside effectively, chasing high status and favor of superiors. He makes fun of the society in which high position and rank are appreciated much more than the personality.

The first outline of the story "The Nose" refer to the end of 1832 or early 1833, and its rough draft was completed no later than August 1834. In 1835 Gogol began to final processing of the story, intending to put it in the "Moscow Observer". On March 18, 1835, he sent the manuscript to Moscow. However, "The Nose" has not appeared in the "Moscow Observer": according to the testimony of some critics, who rejected the story as "dirty, vulgar and trivial." It was first published in 1836, by Pushkin in the third issue of "Contemporary".

The story "The Nose" was subjected to harsh and repeated criticism, as a result a number of parts in the story were reworked by the author, for example, a meeting with Major Kovalyov with the Nose was moved from the Kazan Cathedral in Gostiny Dvor, and the ending of the story has been changed for several times.

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