The Nose Irony

The Nose Irony

Lost nose

The moment, when Major Kovalyov “finds that instead of a nose there is nothing, but an absolutely flat surface” is the most ridiculous and ironical. Yeah, it seems to be ludicrous for readers, but actually it is a big tragedy for the main character. His fate plays a spiteful trick on him and gives a good lesson.

Funny relations

During this story, we can observe ironic relations between Ivan Yakovlevich and his wife. “Fat head, lay about, night-bird, filthy pig, blockhead” are words, which Ivan’s wife always chooses to gibe at him. She perceives him as a loser and always thinks that he is good-for-nothing and worthless man.

Outraged innocence

It couldn’t be worse, when you are laughed at by society. When Kovalyov ventures to write an advertisement in the newspaper about his lost nose, the newspaper advertising clerk is confused. He considers Kovalyov to “seems a cheery sort, and he can see Kovalyov like to have a little joke”. Every employee satirizes the poor major.

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