The Nose Imagery

The Nose Imagery

Major Kovalyov

The appearance of Major Kovalyov is well-described in this story. “His shirt collar is always immaculately clean and well-starched”. “Full rosy cheeks and these whiskers” prove that this person is well-groomed and tidy. He likes to care about himself.

Lively Nevsky Avenue

Gogol uses the image of Nevsky Avenue to show a lively atmosphere of this place. “It is a beautiful sunny day. From the Police Headquarters right down to the Anichkov Bridge people flow along the pavements in a cascade of colour”. People are never at a standstill and they are hard-working like ants. “Packed Nevsky Avenue” has its own life.

Smell of home

Every person has the association with home. In this story the main character, Ivan Yakovlevich, “wakes up rather early one morning and smells hot bread. As he sits up in bed he sees his wife taking some freshly baked rolls out of the oven”. This pleasant smell of bread is associated with native home, which gives an unforgettable feeling of comfort.

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