The Nose Metaphors and Similes

The Nose Metaphors and Similes

Magic reality (Metaphor)

Fantasy and reality are so incompatible concepts in the world. But Gogol is able to connect these two things in his short story “The Nose”. The disappearance of the nose seems to be a strange and odd situation, especially, when it is uniformed and strolls by the streets of St. Petersburg. These magic events force readers to be deep in thought about the real sense of Gogol’s work. The sense is an appreciation of everything what you have.

Russian spirit (Simile)

“Like any honest Russian working man, Ivan Yakovlevich is a terrible drunkard”. This simile proves that most of Russian people always like to spend time together and drink heavily. It is not a tradition or a custom. It is commonly a negative habit.

Like a cat (Simile)

After the occurrence with nose, Ivan is scared to meet Major Kovalyov again. And when this moment happens, “Ivan Yakovlevich the barber poked his head round the corner, but timidly this time, like a cat which had just been beaten for stealing fat”. It is an awkward moment for him.

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