The Gambler Themes

The Gambler Themes


Discussing the theme about casino and excitement, people immediately emphasize the negative influence on gamblers. And of course, they are right. The author decides that casino will be the major theme and in result it forms the basis of the novel. The dependence of every personage on the gambling game proves their weak fortitude. And at the same time, readers can see that neither Alexis nor Antonida are able to overcome this dependence. The worst thing is when person loses everything: his status, honour, discredit to family and surely self-control. Surely it is the best lesson for society, which shows that there is no way back without bad consequences.


Love is also important theme of the novel. But it is not so fantastic and marvelous as this feeling is mostly regarded. It is like a test or a game, which has a lot of obstacles. The game in this novel is not only roulette. In the broader sense it is the relationship between Alexis and Polina. Polina plays with Alexis, forcing him to satisfy her whims. De Griers also plays with Polina’s feelings only for his benefit, he is after her money. Love is insincere here, but after some time personages understand that their life will not be complete without it. They are not able to lose each other, even if there is a difficult barrier such as desire for richness.


A real friendship is very rare in the heartless society we live in. It is an impressive gladness to have a person, who can support you and give useful advice. A real friend should be loyal, patient and kind as Astley is described in this novel. Actually, every person tries to seek benefits in the friendship, but Astley is a person, who is ready to keep this value. The author proves that their friendship with Alexis has a significant meaning for both of them. It saves them from the seclusion, poverty and moral lapse. This theme is developed in order to show an excellent example of stable friendship.

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