The Gambler Quotes


Why money, you ask? What do you mean, why? Money's everything!”


Somebody thinks that money rules the world. Someone considers that only money can give freedom, confidence, honor, respect and happiness. Alexis belongs to the last. He affirms that he is nobody without money. He does not understand that a person is happy, when has a family, loyal friends and robust health. Man cannot be happy without the feeling of love, affection, duty, responsibility and of course the feeling of shame and conscience. Money does not play the significant role in our life. If one is interested only in the goal to grow rich, he is an egoistic person. In the first place, the good-natured man always thinks about his relatives and friends, not about himself.

“It is always possible to comport oneself with dignity”.


The self-respect is one of the most important features of the human soul. People, who have it, always are able to consider others. They have positive emotions, which are sufficient for others, who surround them. Such people can value everything what they have. The dignity is self-esteem; in other words it is to be proud, not to play up and abase oneself. For example, the self-esteem person, who is insulted by somebody, never loses his temper and takes offence.

In this novel, the feeling of dignity is clearly observes. The main character Alexis always admits his defeat in roulette with dignity and persuades people that he is an excellent gambler. To admit guilt, apologize and not to fear to be in the awkward situation doesn’t mean to waive dignity. It means to make a noble action. One should be able to stand honest, firm and proud during all situations. This is a real feel of dignity.

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