The Gambler Metaphors and Similes

The Gambler Metaphors and Similes

Inner emptiness (Metaphor)

Appearance is very often contrasted with the inner world of a person, and basing on this consideration one can that wealthy people are arrogant and have the same temper in this novel. For example the Baroness’s face is purple, and the little eyes have an impudent, malicious expression. As for the Baron, all his air of peacock-like conceit, his clothes sagged a little, and his face wears a sheepish air which may pass for profundity. These people are very proud and haughty. And it has repeatedly proved that the appearance is deceptive, because their inner world is far away from this outer splendour.

Slavery love (Metaphor)

Love is considered to be a wonderful feeling. It inspires people, gives them many unforgettable moments and saves from loneliness. But this perfect love is only a dream for personages of this novel. It is like a slavery for them. Alexis always satisfies all Polina’s whims and submits to her. He really loves her, but Polina doesn’t understand it. Their relationships reflect insincere feelings and indignity to each other. There is nothing to be envy about love like theirs. Only sympathy is appropriate here.

Cunning eyes (Simile)

Polina’s beauty is profoundly described in the novel. The author describes her wonderful appearance and considers that Polina is godlike. “Polina’s hair has a reddish tint about it, and her eyes are like cat's eyes”. It means that people are able to see her pride and disdain through her glance. She captures men with her splendour cat’s eyes and makes them do everything she wants. Her appearance plays an important role in understanding of her character, as she uses it a means of making others yield to her wishes.

Like a soldier (Simile)

The appearance of “a grey-headed old man, approaching” Alexis and Antonida with a wooden leg is slightly terrible. “He looked like an old soldier”. This comparison with a soldier hints that old man is exhausted and his life is filled with many difficulties and pain. He is like a soldier, who is suffering during the war.

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