The Gambler Characters

The Gambler Character List

Alexis Ivanovitch

Alexis Ivanovitch is a main character of the novel “The Gambler”. He is a twenty five-year-old nobleman with no money. He is a family teacher and lives in the family of a Russian General. Sensible and energetic Alexis Ivanovitch gives all his passion for the game of chance. He becomes to be dependent on the roulette. Alexis could be of benefit to society, because he is an intelligent and sensible man, but he is greedy and this bad trade of his character ruins his life. The teacher doesn’t read newspapers anymore, is not interested in the world around him. In the end of this novel, readers can observe Alexis degradation.


Polina is a stepdaughter of the General. The reader tries to discover her intentions and motifs of her behavior. At the beginning of the novel, she is a rather selfish and self-admiring person. She is proud of her beauty, always intends to charm and attract every man with her “cat’s eyes” and forces them to submit. But love forces her to become a sensitive, tender and loving lady.

Antonida Vassilievna Tarassevitcha

Antonida Vassilievna Tarassevitcha is an old woman, who plays the roulette and loses all her money. She also breaks chains of the excitement. Antonida is an interesting and funny personage. She realizes who is who at once. Of course, she sympathizes with her nephew, the General, but she doesn’t give him any money. Not because she is greedy, Antonida is very clever and she considers that all money goes to picaroons. After the loss, she cannot resist the temptation and continues to play. But Antonida is lusty and robust enough to muster sufficient strength to stop playing.


The next positive personage of this novel is Astley. He is the only reasonable, sensible and noble person. He pays General’s debts, lends Antonida money. Besides, he is also a devoted friend, who doesn’t allow Alexis to become despondent.

De Griers

De Griers is an antipode of Astley. He is an impudent swindler. And such impudent men are charming in the eyes of many women. Polina also loses her ground and falls in love with insincere marquis. But his main goal is money. De Griers is very evil and subtle. He uses Polina to appropriate Antonida’s inheritance. But actually, he fails to accomplish it.

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