The Gambler Imagery

The Gambler Imagery

Gambler’s paradise

The atmosphere of different casinos always has a special meaning for gamblers. In this novel readers can notice incredible look of such places. “The splendor and luxury of the casinos to be found in the Rhenish towns”, and “on the heaps of gold which are daily to be seen lying on their tables”. Such images of gold and casinos can attract and entrap gamblers. It provides them with a feeling of a glamorous life.

Heavenly beauty

The image of Polina’s beauty is very important in the novel. She is a very charming lady and this beauty forces Alexis to fall in love from a first sight. “She is tall and straight, and very slim. The imprint of her foot is long and narrow”. And the most attractive part of her body is her hair, which “has a reddish tint about it, and her eyes are like cat's eyes”. That’s why Alexis is enchanted with her appearance. Their also may be traced a connection of her hair color, which resembles gold, and be a reason Alexis falls after her, as he is after everything that shines.

Awful morning

After coming off as a loser, Alexis wakes up and sees that Polina sitting by his side: “She has a strange expression on her face” and she shows her disaffection because of frequent losses of Alexis. Besides, the weather isn’t so amazing; “the dawn is full of mist, for rain has fallen”. This is the most terrible and sorrowful morning of Alexis. His dependence becomes apparent in everything - in Polina’s treatment for him and even in bad weather. Weather is always important when recalling feelings and emotions of the characters.

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