The Gambler Irony

The Gambler Irony

Useful friendship

Astley affirms that many people have their best friends only for benefits. “Most men love to see their best friend in abasement; for generally it is on such abasement that friendship is founded”. He scorns such people. The irony is pretense of sincerity, some people don’t appreciate their friends properly, and are even happy deeply insight for their misfortunes, but pretend to care.


Greediness is believed to be a negative trait. In this novel author affirms that German families are very stingy. “They work like oxen, and amass wealth like Jews”. The ironical thing concerns the fact that people grudge their money and don’t care about themselves, the main point is simply enrichment, but not what money can provide.


During the reading funny behavior of Polina can be observed. She always claims that “she hates Alexis because she has allowed him to go to such lengths”. But she also says that “she hates him and still more- because Alexis is so necessary to her”. The irony is based on the fact that women are sometimes difficult to understand and they not always know what they want. And in result, all men suffer due to feminine indecision. Polina’s hatred towards Alexis is based on her love to him.

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