Chemistry (4th Edition)

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Chapter 16 - Questions and Problems - Page 771: 16.22


pOH is the negative logarithm of the $OH^-$ concentration in a solution: $pOH = -log[OH^-]$ $pH + pOH = pKw$ At 25$^{\circ}$ $pH + pOH = 14$

Work Step by Step

You can find this information in any textbook that approach acids and bases, or in the internet. You can also find this pH-pOH relation using the equilibrium equation of water. $[H_3O^+]*[OH^-] = K_w$ $-log([H_3O^+]*[OH^-]) = -log(K_w)$ $-log[H_3O^+] - log[OH^-] = pK_w$ $pH + pOH = pK_w$
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