Taras Bulba Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Taras Bulba Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Taras’s pipe (Symbol)

The symbol of the pipe is called to mind at the end of the book. After the fight with Poles, survived Cossacks are returning home. But Taras has lost his pipe in the grass and starts to search for it. But heyduck catches up and burn him under the oak. This moment is so terrible and awful in its description. The pipe symbolizes the death and twist of fate. Maybe if Taras had not lost the pipe, everything would have been different.

Cossacks (Allegory)

In this story, the author pays heed to Cossacks most of all. In the battles, Cossacks always prove themselves as dauntless and steadfast personages. They combat for the country to the end and don’t even bear in mind to lay down arms. And even when they are dying, the last words which they pant out are about motherland and liberty. These people sincerely love and hold in high respect their native country. They are eternal warriors and patriots. And everyone should follow their enthusiasm and daring.

Faithfulness and betrayal (Motif)

In any book or story about the historical and war events, the most attention is paid to the loyalty and high treason. Gogol exactly portrays who is who. The main character Taras has two sons: Ostap and Andrii. At first sight, they are usual, strong and intelligent fellows. They graduated an academy in Kyiv and returned home to defend their country. But in reality one of them is a betrayer. Andrii gives way to temptation and betrays his family and motherland. Ostap refuses from the high affection and continues to be at war with foes. These two brothers are like heaven and earth. Only Ostap wins the father’s confidence, but Andrii becomes the enemy of his own country.

These two motifs stand in opposition and are followed throughout the entire story.

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