Taras Bulba Irony

Taras Bulba Irony

"Don't listen to your mother, my lad; she is a woman, and knows nothing"

It is just another ironical smile of Taras. He has a good sense of humor and often plays jokes on women as women are sensitive, and this feeling is not a one to be treasured at war.

"Turn round, my boy! How ridiculous you look!"

When Taras’s sons return home, he sees how Ostap has changed and became more daring. He is proud of how strong and brave his son became, but hides it behind an ironical smile and just decides to play the fool.

"Well, son; did your Lyakhs help you?"

Taras ridicules his son Andrii, who betrays his country and goes over to the enemy. Andrii thinks that Lyakhs save him, but he is wrong. Thus being ironical, phrase and the situation itself provides sad feelings.

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