Taras Bulba Imagery

Taras Bulba Imagery

Landscape of Kyiv Russ

The landscape in this narrative plays a decisive role. Nature doesn’t only serve as a background; it is a way to disclose the character of personages. When Taras and his sons are walking by the steppe “the air was filled with the notes of a thousand different birds”, something is mournful and sleepy inwardly. During the battles, the sky is ferocious and the sun is like red-hot lava. This natural phenomenon provokes Cossacks to show their cruelty. These features help the reader to see the beauty of the artistic expression, brightness, and unique images.

Harmonious relation of the colonel

Against a background of war and the headstrong character, Taras as the main colonel respects Cossacks. He doesn’t despair. He tries to build the future for children without pain, blood, and tears. Taras always supports Cossacks with the words “God bless you! God grant that you may always be successful in war, that you may beat the Mussulmenand the Turks and the Tatars.” He insists on fighting to the end doesn’t let them give up.

The painful fate of Ukrainian woman

The Taras’ wife is described in this story as a sufferer of her own life. “The poor old woman looked sadly on from her seat on the wall-bench. She did not dare say a word”. She always must obey her husband and be his right hand. Even when Taras takes their sons to the war, she doesn’t have the right to complain. The place of women at that time is not the one to be jealous of.

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