Taras Bulba Characters

Taras Bulba Character List

Taras Bulba

The author describes him as a brave, strong and courageous man. He was a real Zaporozhian Kozak: partnership and the Christian faith were very important for Bulba during all of his life. He was no longer a young man, and he occupied a certain position at the Sich. It’s obvious from the episodes of the feasts because of the return of the sons from the seminary, in the scenes of the battles with the Poles that Taras Bulba was very respected, everybody listened to his advice. Even those who had only recently come to the camp, saw in Bulba a wise and fair warrior. From the first chapters it becomes clear that he was not a family man - he rarely saw his wife, because he often went on the military expeditions with Zaporozhye army, and did not like to stay too long at home. He thought it had a bad influence on the character. On the first place for him was Sich and the destiny of their homeland.

Ostap Bulba

Bulba's eldest son, along with his brother graduated from seminary and after graduation returned home. The reader learns how Ostap showed himself in several episodes of the seminary: Ostap initially did not want to study and tried to escape, but eventually came to his senses. This character is really revealed in the campaign against the Poles. Ostap appears to us as a worthy son of his father: brave, strong Kozak, who is endowed with the analytical skills. Despite the fact that Ostap was captured by the Poles, he did not lose his self-control and the inherent for his character hardness. After the scene of execution, the reader is left in no doubt that Ostap really deserves to be called a real Kozak. The hero goes to the place of execution without any fear, he met his death worthily.

Andrei Bulba

He differs from both his brother and the father. We can say that he took a lyrical soul warehouse from his mother, and the determination and the will to win from his father. That this combination became fatal for the young man. Andrei kept up with his brother in military affairs, and sometimes he made such things that no one even thought about it. Young Man was fascinated by the battle spree, swords, steels, raids - everything the Cossack’s life consists of. Andrei’s image was created by Gogol in a romantic way. A reader understands that Andrei has two opposite principles: the desire to love and to act according to the dictates of the heart and desire to serve the native land, be on guard for freedom and independence.

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