Taras Bulba Quotes


«I brought you into this world. It is on me to take it away. »

Taras Bulba

These words have a deep meaning. Andrii, Taras’s son, becomes unfaithful to his family and native country. When he goes over to the enemy, Taras is disappointed. He loses his faith in his son and these words which he said mean the scorn to Andrii for life. Taras always brought up his sons in love and loyalty to the motherland. But Andrii destroyed father’s hopes. He betrays his country and simultaneously betrays his father. And now the Andrii’s life depends on his father.

The author of this story wants to report us that everyone should love and respect his family and the motherland. Family is the most valuable treasure because parents always are ready to give their life for children.

«Our country is the one our soul longs for, the one which is dearest of all to us. My country is—you! That is my native land, and I bear that country in my heart. »

Taras Bulba

Reading this story, we can notice how greatly the main character, Taras, loves his country Ukraine. The author describes him as a brave and strong Cossack. His life is very important for him because he has a duty- to protect his country from the foes. Taras is ready to die for lucky and quiet destiny of the homeland. He is a real patriot and specific person. The tenderness and brutality, great and small are mixed in his character. Gogol creates him not only as a hero of Ukrainian people but also all orthodox people. That’s why the author emphasizes that parents teach their children to be sincere and courageous patriot of the country.

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