Taras Bulba Metaphors and Similes

Taras Bulba Metaphors and Similes

Deathly love (Metaphor)

For many people love is a feeling, which gives wings and the lovely life, makes people happier and presents with unforgettable emotions. But in this story love becomes death for Andrii. He falls in love with the beautiful Pole. This big love destroys him. He becomes impressionable and can’t manage with it. He betrays his country. And even before the death, his last word isn’t a name of his native country or mother, it is a name of Pole young lady, Elżbieta.

Science for life (Metaphor)

After the long academic education, Taras decides to take his sons to Zaporizhska Sich. He is sure that “it's where there's science for them! There is their school; there alone will they gain sense”. But it is a science to fight for a life. It is a heartless science, which the lads can use during the battle. And it is unknown if this study saves their lives or gives to lose courage and perish.

"She hovered around her children with anxiety, passion, tears, like the gull of the steppes" (Simile)

Taras’ wife loves her sons greatly and she always worries about them. She is disturbed about their lives and the author compares her with the bird which can also predicts troubles.

"His eyes beamed with clear decision; his velvet brows curved in a bold arch; his sunburnt cheeks glowed with all the ardour of youthful fire; and his downy black moustache shone like silk" (Simile)

Andrii’s appearance is really attractive. He is a handsome man. The author compares his moustache with silk because it looks well-groomed.

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