Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Themes

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Themes


Marriage is the biggest problem for Elizabeth and all other young ladies in England. Every mother tries to find an eligible bachelor for her daughter. Successful marriage has a very significant role in life of all unmarried ladies. The further life, social status and wealth are dependent on marriage. It doesn’t matter if it is a love-match or marriage of convenience. A young lady must get married to a rich gentleman. Elizabeth is always against love relationship and marriage of convenience. Her major aim is to protect her family and country from zombies. She doesn’t worry about her marriage. That’s why she always disputes with her mother.

Struggle between good and evil

As we know, good always gains a victory over evil in all stories with happy end. And this is not strange that this novel has a happy end. The difficult struggle of main heroine Elizabeth and her sisters against bloodthirsty zombies prove the existence of patriotism and desire for disappearance of evil. Boldness and bravery add the image of Elizabeth as a loyal defender. And this desire for victory destroys all enemies and many obstacles on her way.


Pride can be different. You can be proud of yourself, your achievements and deeds. Also, you can be proud of your best friend, who is a winner. And it brings only gladness and positive feelings. But there are other sides of pride. The negative side of pride can terribly influence on the relationship. It often happens, when a person does not want to admit mistakes. In result, everybody suffers from lies and the feeling of guilt. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are too proud to admit their love and affection to each other. This pride destroys them time after time. But at the end this pride arouses passion, which turns into love.

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