Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Literary Elements

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Literary Elements


A parody novel

Setting and Context

The action takes place in Longbourn, England.

Narrator and Point of View

The novel is recounted by a third person, supplemented by dialogues, strange events such as fights with zombies, and love lines.

Tone and Mood

The tone is ironic and comic. The author ridicules negative traits of main personages: their pride, stubbornness and lordliness.

Protagonist and Antagonist

The main protagonist is Elizabeth Bennet. The main antagonist is a zombie.

Major Conflict

The major conflict is a struggle between people and zombies. Everybody has a clear aim. Elizabeth and her sisters defend the society, zombies defend their existence.


The climax happens, when inhabitants conquer zombies and destroy this illness.


Elizabeth always observes the strange behavior of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham. Mr. Darcy lets Lizzy know beforehand about dirty deeds of Mr. Wickham, when they were friends. At this time the author hints at Mr. Wickham’s betrayal at the end of this novel.




The novel alludes to some geographical positions such as England, Hertfordshire and Cambridge.


The author appeals to imagery when describing appearances, mostly vivid are the descriptions of zombies


The paradox is an existence of zombies.


The parallelism occurs, when the author describes relationships of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth hates Mr. Darcy, but she understands that there is existence of feeling of love at her heart of hearts. And this parallelism of her feeling explains her strange behavior and treatment of Mr. Darcy.

Metonymy and Synecdoche



Surely, zombies personify a serious illness, which begins with infection and finishes with death. But according to this novel these creatures also personify a fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse.

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