Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Summary

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Summary

The zombies in the novel are deceased ancestors of England. Zombies have become a norm in society and are seen as troublemakers as opposed to any real threat.

Elizabeth, the protagonist of the novel, is a highly skilled warrior in martial arts by training from her father. Her mother, however, urges to get her and her sisters married off. She sends them off to a party where they encounter zombies and fight them off. Jane, the eldest sister, forms an attraction with the bachelor, Charles. However, his friend, Darcy, and Elizabeth come to clashes. Darcy is a renowned monster hunter and Elizabeth does not like his personality.

Despite the attraction, Charles leaves for London with Darcy soon. Later, a militia arrives in Elizabeth’s town. She becomes close to militia soldier, Wickham. Wickham tells her of the feud he had with Darcy after he cheated him from gaining an inheritance. She also discovers that it was Darcy that influenced Charles decision to return to London. Elizabeth vows to kill Darcy for what he has done to her sister Jane as a result.

However, Darcy arrives again to her town and proposes to her. They then begin to fight physically and Darcy is injured as a result. Darcy claims that he wanted Charles removed from Jane because he feared Jane had a plague around her. He also revealed that Wickham tried to run off and elope with Darcy’s sister in order to gain her inheritance.

Elizabeth feels badly about her treatment of Darcy. After some time apart, they bump into each other on their zombie killing sprees. Elizabeth’s sister, Lydia runs away with Wickham and marries him at Darcy’s urging. Elizabeth now wants to be with Darcy, but his aunt, Catherine, wants him to get married to his cousin. Catherine and Elizabeth then engage in a fight to the death but she leaves Catherine alive.

Darcy and Elizabeth marry and go on zombie killing sprees together as a couple.

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