Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Imagery

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Imagery

Horrible creatures

Zombies are creatures, which give no quarter. They don’t spare innocent babies and religious people. “Their movements are clumsy; their burial clothing in a range of untidiness”. Their clothes are so tattered that somebody may think that it is made of “dirt and dried blood”. Their putrefactive flesh; green and pliant bodies; grey and brittle eyes, which are looking for brains, and their lips, which are “pulled back into everlasting skeletal smiles”, express pain and suffering.

Dead fiancée

Among other zombies, who attack people, there is a “young, freshly dead female in a white lace wedding gown, which, like her skin, is surprisingly white”. It was the last happy and at the same time sorrowful day of her life before the infection. She is so beautiful, but “the bright red rubies that drip from her mouth and onto the lace covering her bosom”, look appallingly. Lizzy feels sorry for her, but her aversion to the fiancée doesn’t disappear.

Live in clover

When Mrs. Bennet gets to know that Lizzy is going to get married to Mr. Darcy, she is in the seventh heaven. Her mother imagines her life at once. “She will be great and rich. She will have pin-money, precious and beautiful jewels, carriage”. As to Mr. Darcy, “he is a charming, handsome and tall man”. He will be the best husband for Lizzy. Mrs. Bennet describes Lizzy’s life beautifully and gracefully. But it is not very important, because Elizabeth loves Mr. Darcy frankly.

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