Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Characters

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Character List

Elizabeth Bennet

Elizabeth Bennet is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. She and her four sisters live in the village Longbourn, which is located near the town Meryton, Hertfordshire. Elizabeth is an independent, witty and bright personality. She is notable for her intelligence and amazing sense of humor. As to her beliefs, she always understands what is right or wrong. Lizzy knows what she wants and she is willing to fight for her happiness and love. In spite of the difficult illness, which has spread in England, Elizabeth doesn’t shrink in the face of danger and shows her courage and patriotism.

Mr. Darcy

Mr. Darcy is a mister, who hates Lizzy Bennet. He is incredibly rich and realizes his status in life. Lizzy thinks that he is arrogant. Mr. Darcy knows that the Bennet family has a low social status. That's why he believes that marriage to any of daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet will have disastrous effects both for him and for his friend Mr. Bingley. But love gains a victory over wealth and Mr. Darcy admits his love to Elizabeth.

Jane Bennet

Jane Bennet is Elizabeth’s sister. She is very beautiful and modest. It certainly doesn’t come into her mind to lure men with her enchantment. Genuine simplicity of her character, intelligence and wisdom can conquer everybody, who talked with her at least once. But envious people find her to be frivolous and empty.

Mr. Bingley

Mr. Bingley is a young and handsome man, who falls in love with Jane. When he arrives at Netherfield, one of two mothers is willing to kill anybody to get him as a son-in-law. He is modest and he knows how to have a positive influence in the society.

Mr. Wickham

Mr. Wickham is an antagonist. He was the best friend of Mr. Darcy in childhood. But some changes of his character made them to hate each other. Unfortunately, Wickham is reputed to be a virtue, but only Mr. Darcy knows his dark and greedy soul. Wickham has a secret - he is a zombie.

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