Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Metaphors and Similes

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Metaphors and Similes

Proud Love (Metaphor)

Love has a deep meaning for our main characters. Lizzy and Mr. Darcy pretend to be indifferent to each other, but readers clearly see that Mr. Darcy always fixes his eyes on Lizzy. Everybody can say that there is nothing difficult to come in and tell all truth about feelings. But pride doesn’t allow doing it. Lizzy is sure that Mr. Darcy’s hatred is increasing day after day. She takes love as “the most dangerous weapon”. It deeply hurts and leaves spiritual wounds.

Dancing (Metaphor)

Dancing is "cognition of the human soul". Due to the dancing party Elizabeth always feels her partner, his other self and inner world. Mr. Collins makes a negative impression. Lizzy gets to know that he is a self-admiring man and does not have a gallantry. But when Lizzy does Mr. Darcy an honor to dance with him, she feels his kindness and politeness. Lizzy is attracted by him. She understands that this is a real love. Dancing for her is a way to understand a person.

Brainless creature (Simile)

The author uses this comparison to show that zombies aren’t living beings. When they attack people during the dancing party, Elizabeth and her sisters begin to fight with zombies. Lizzy “cracks zombies’ skulls like a walnut easily”. It means that skulls of these creatures are rotten and empty as well as their souls.

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