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True friends are ones who will accept you, despite your physical appearance.

Throughout Melody's life with cerebral palsy, she has been unaccepted within her own school. She only had wished for a friend in which she could talk to, a friend who will get Melody with or without her communication board. Melody then finds Rose and truly believes that she is accepted. Though Melody thinks that Rose is a friend, Rose was embarrassed when she was found with Melody at the museum, revealing Rose's true natural colors.

Melody was denied the right to be accepted by shallow Rose, and yes, not everyone will accept you, but Rose refused to pass the fact that Melody looked different. This occurred once again much later in the story when the academic team refused to call Melody to notify her that the plane was about to leave early. It was clear that the team was not Melody's true friends since they did not accept her for her intelligence and abilities.

Do not underestimate someone simply based on appearances or behavior.

Melody has been underestimated all her life simply because of how she acts and her appearance. When she first wanted to be apart of the academic team, she was nearly shut down because the teacher and students did not believe that she was smart enough. She had proved them wrong, but even though she got a good score, Melody would continue to underestimated throughout the course of the novel, but this only fueled her to be a better version of herself.

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