Out of My Mind Imagery

Out of My Mind Imagery

The girl in the wheelchair

In the second chapter, Melody talks about her childhood experiences and how, since she is stuck in a wheelchair, she was always seen as a person incapable of doing anything. Melody reveals how the image most people had about her, that is of a vulnerable and little girl is not how she wanted to be remembered by the people she met. Melody reveals that while her body did not develop properly, she had a pleasant face and yet she was not remembered for her face but rather for her physical deformities.

Playing children

Melody is sent to a school where the students with disabilities are mixed with the normal students. Thus, every day when she goes to school, Melody is able to see healthy, normal children, playing and having fun while she has to wait in a corner in her wheelchair. The image of the playing children is hard for Melody because they are a living reminder of all the things she will never be able to do and of the life she will not be able to enjoy.

The Plexiglas board

The only way through which Melody is able to communicate with other children is through her Plexiglas board that she has attached to her wheelchair. Melody is happy that she can express some basic thoughts through it, but at the same time she is frustrated because she is unable to fully express her thoughts and desires because she is restricted to using the limited number of words and expressions on her board. The board is thus a visual representation of her limited vocabulary and also a visual representation of her limitations and how her disability influences her life.

A normal child

After talking about the ways in which Melody is perceived by the vast majority of people, she then talks about how for a person in her life, she is just another normal child. The person in question is a neighbor of Melody’s parents, a woman named Mrs. V. In comparison with the other people, Mrs. V sees and treats Melody as a normal child, someone capable of learning just like any other person and just another child who, despite having difficulties, can achieve everything a normal child would achieve. Melody likes Mrs. V because of her opinion of her and because in Mrs. V’s mind, Melody is not the picture of hopelessness, but rather just another normal child.

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