Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind Imagery

Chocolate clouds

After Mrs. V allows Melody to eat desserts and stay outside during a rainstorm, Melody has fantastical dreams about chocolate clouds. The image speaks to the freedom Melody experiences when she escapes the confines of her lived reality and into the realm of the unconscious. When Melody dreams, anything is possible.

Ollie jumping out of the fishbowl

Melody’s pet goldfish attempts to attain freedom by jumping out of his fishbowl. This image—used on the cover of most copies of Out of My Mind—represents Melody’s own desire to escape the confines of her body and mind. However, to take such a leap entails a degree of risk.

Words as unique as snowflakes

Melody compares her love of words to her appreciation for the unique beauty of individual snowflakes. However, since Melody is unable to express herself, this image is complicated by likening the pileup of words to being buried by snow. The words are individually unique, but when they do nothing but accumulate they become oppressive.

Garfield’s thought bubbles

Melody expresses her love of Jim Davis’ Garfield comics, particularly because of how the anthropomorphic cat’s thoughts are represented by speech bubbles that float above his head. Melody wishes someone could draw speech bubbles above her head so that people would know what she’s thinking. In place of thought bubbles, the reader is given access to Melody’s thoughts through her narration.