Out of My Mind Literary Elements

Out of My Mind Literary Elements


Fictional autobiography

Setting and Context

The action takes place in an unnamed city in America over a period of two years.

Narrator and Point of View

The story is told by Melody from a first person subjective point of view.

Tone and Mood

Helpless, determined

Protagonist and Antagonist

The protagonist is Melody and the antagonist is her own illness and disability.

Major Conflict

The major conflict is an internal one and is the result of Melody’s determination to prove everyone that she is just as any normal child and the general attitude that she must be treated as a less abled person because of her disability.


The story reaches its climax when Melody receives the medical device which will help her talk and when she decides to


The general way in which Melody is treated because of her condition foreshadows the way Rose will treat her with pity and the way she will refuse to acknowledge that she is with Melody in public.


When Melody’s teacher claimed that the only reason why Melody was able to answer the questions was because she was helped or because the questions were too easy is an understatement as Melody proves them that she is a capable person who can learn new things and who is just as intelligent as anyone else.


When Melody answered for the first time every question one of her teacher came up with for a contest called Whiz Kidz, Melody felt extremely good, thinking that now everyone will have to accept her and praise her for being intelligent. Unfortunately, this did not happen and the teacher even decided to change the questions on the quiz, claiming that they must be too easy if Melody was able to answer them. What the teacher suggested through this is the idea that Melody was mentally retarded and that the only possible way she could have got every question right is because the questions were too easy. This allusion shows just how Melody was treated in a condescending way more than often and how she was affected in a negative way by their suggestions.


After getting her medical device, Melody is able to communicate with her family and with those around her and her mother is impressed to see just how smart her daughter is. In this scene, Melody’s mother portrays her own daughter as a special needs child, a person who achieves a great accomplishment when she manages to learn a few more words. Mrs. V disagrees with Melody’s mother who claims that she should not be so surprised to see her daughter function like a normal child. This idea highlights the fact that Melody’s mother did not saw her as a normal child but rather as a special needs person who needed to be treated differently.


Melody had problems communicating with others because she was unable to make them understand her. Because of this, Melody hoped that Elvira, the communicating device, will help her integrate better and hoped that it will also help her make new friends. Paradoxically however, after getting Elvira, Melody claims that there were times when she felt even more isolated than before because it made her realize that in some cases, the reason why some children were avoiding her is not because they feared they could not talk with her but because they didn’t want anything to do with her.


In the eight chapter, Melody draws a parallel between herself and a fish she used to own, a fish named Ollie. Melody compares herself with the fish because just like the fish was trapped inside a glass bowl, Melody was trapped inside her own body, without the possibility of escaping.

Metonymy and Synecdoche



In the fourth chapter, "I could identity hundreds of words on sight. But all that was stuck inside.’’

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