Out of My Mind Irony

Out of My Mind Irony

Loving language and music

Melody reveals from the start that she loves both music and language and that her fondest memories are of her parents talking to her and putting music for her. Ironically, however, her disability makes it impossible for her to fully express her enjoyment or to signal to her parents that she was mentally advanced even though her body struggled to perform basic movements.

The handicapped face

When Melody was old enough to be enrolled in school, her mother took her to a doctor to assess her mental capabilities. During the assessment, the doctor asked Melody a number of questions and made her perform a number of tasks, each task more meaningless than the other. Bored by the doctor’s tests, Melody put on her ‘’handicapped face’’, making the doctor believe that she was indeed mentally challenged. While initially Melody’s plan was to anger the doctor, her plan backfired when the doctor suggested that Melody be put into a special needs school or even sent to a nursing home since there was no hope for her. After hearing this, Melody did her best to signal to the doctor that she was mentally capable but ironically, the doctor was no longer willing to listen to her. Fortunately for Melody, her mother was not so quick to listen to what the doctor had to say.

Learning more from the TV

When Melody heard that she was going to be attending a normal school, she was excited, thinking of the things she will learn and how her life will become better. Ironically, Melody points out that this was not the case since the teachers assigned the special class did not believe them to be intelligent enough to be learned. Because of this, Melody reveals that she learned more from TV shows that she did from the teachers at her school.

Overprotecting is not helping

Melody talks a lot about how her parents were overprotective and how they would be careful around her, not putting her in danger and always making sure that she was cuddled. The reason why they did that is that they wanted to make sure that Melody was always out of harm’s danger since she could not properly control her movements. Ironically, however, Melody learned how to take care of herself not because she was overprotected, but because one woman, Mrs. V, took Melody and put her in an environment her parents would not want her to be. That made Melody push her limits until she eventually learned and ended up having some sort of mobility and was able to do things her parents never thought her capable of.

Calling for help

Melody remembers that the third teacher she had was not accustomed to teaching disabled children and she did not believe them to be capable of learning anything. Because of this, she never tried to challenge them and she constantly taught them the alphabet even though the vast majority knew how to read and write. Thus, one day, the children rebelled and they acted in an uncontrollable manner to the point where the parents had to be called in. ironically, instead of siding with the teacher, the parents became revolted when they saw the way in which their children were treated and thus demanded that their teacher treat them in a more dignified way.

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