Out of My Mind Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Out of My Mind Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Protective mother

A common motif in the novel is the idea that Melody’s mother tried to protect her from everything that could hurt her while Melody’s father did everything he could to make sure that his daughter was experiencing the world just like any other child would experience. Melody’s mother continues to want to shield her daughter from the outside world and goes to great lengths to make sure that she is never put in harm’s way.

Ignoring the disabled

One of the common motifs in the novel is the idea that the disabled children in the school Melody was attending were all ignored by the healthy children. Melody expresses the pain she felt experiencing this and tries to relate to other children who might have felt the same. This idea that the handicapped children were treated differently is a common motif in the novel.

Symbol for the helplessness

Melody mentions that her school has a tradition of decorating and then playing with a Styrofoam snowman every winter. Both Melody and other children hate the snowman and detest being forced to play with is every winter. The reason why they hate playing with it is because the snowman reminds them that they are different from the rest of the children and that they must be treated in a special manner. This distinction only makes it harder for the disabled children to be able to act like normal children in a normal environment.

Underestimating her

One of the common motifs in the novel is the idea that Melody is underestimated by everyone around her. Melody has a hard time convincing her peers and even her teachers about her worth and even her parents have a hard time believing in her and in her capabilities. Instead of making her feel like she wants to give up, their opinion only makes Melody want to try even harder and makes her want to succeed even more.

Not part of the group

Another common motif is the idea that Melody never feels as if she is part of a group. No matter what she does, Melody always feels left out because she can’t take part in every activity the group takes part in, like eating, going outside and doing various other activities. This makes Melody feel strange as she feels like she is always watching from the outside what is happening but never really being a part of the group.

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