Out of My Mind Summary

Out of My Mind Summary

Out of My Mind is a young adult novel written from the perspective of an eleven-year-old girl, named Melody, that suffers from Cerebral Palsy. In the beginning of the novel, many of the people in Melody's life do not think that she has the capacity to learn or understand anything about the world around her. Fortunately, Melody’s parents know better and never give up hope on giving her a chance. Along with Mrs. V, Melody's dear neighbor, they push her to do her best and accomplish things that no one else thinks is possible.

When she enters the fifth grade, Melody encounters a teacher who allows her to participate in an inclusion program. She also gets to work with an aid, named Catherine, who becomes one of her biggest cheerleaders. Together, Catherine and Melody's parents work to get her a communication device that truly shows everyone how intelligent she really is. But is the school ready for all that Melody has to offer? Melody's teacher Mr. Dimming and a few of her classmates (Molly and Claire) are not so accepting of Melody's participation.

In spite of their rude comments, Melody uses her brilliance to take a test scoring her a top seat on the school's Whiz Kid's team. She proves herself over and over as an equal contender on the team and assists the Whiz Kid's to compete at the national championship match. Unfortunately, even though Melody overcame multiple barriers to get to that point, she cannot overcome the barrier of a disability and is left behind.

Through this novel, readers are engaged by the intelligence and wit of the young girl, experiencing the perspective of a student who has to live with a difficulty disability. While she conquers her obstacle of not speaking and being isolated to a special education department, the heartbreaking truth is that equality is still a far-fetched dream. In the end, Melody learns that being equal to the other students is not what matters most. She is aware that her happiness and accomplishments are much more important than the judgement she may face from others.

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