Miss Julie Themes

Miss Julie Themes


Love is undoubtedly controversial issue in the play Miss Julie, because it is not clear whether love exists between the main characters. In the ordinary sense, love is impossible between two people (Julie and Jean) with so different spiritual qualities. Therefore, Julie’s fictional love has its nuance of intercession and apology. Jean is Julie’s servant and she uses him as she likes. It is not love, if she does not respect Jean. Jean also believes that he would be capable of love, being in other social conditions. However, what about Kristin? To be unfaithful to the fiancée is definitely not love. Love does not exist here, but what the main characters feel is just a temptation.


Julie was born, as far as she can understand, against the will of her mother. Therefore, her mother began to bring her up as a child of nature. In addition, she taught Julie everything what boy teach. She wanted to prove that a woman is not weaker than men are. Julie was dressed like a boy. She cleaned the horses and even went hunting. In addition, her mother forced Julie to hold men in contempt and, having grown up, Julie begins to hate men. Labels and stereotypes, imposed on us by society and family in childhood, are stronger in adulthood. Stereotypes, which were imposed by Julie’s mother, prevent Julie from being feminine and respecting men. Such a “good” upbringing!

Social classes

The inequality of social classes is a problem that will exist all the time. In the play, Strindberg used this problem to show the relations between people from different social classes: whether they will manage to fall in love with each other despite many obstacles, including parents and society. Julie, who the Count’s daughter begins to fond of the peasant Jean, who works as a valet in her house. However, as it turns out later, it is not love, but only sympathy, which ends with nothing good. Despite all obstacles, Julie and Jean do not continue to fight for love. It means they do not love each other. Distribution of classes is the only reason why they cannot be together.

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