Miss Julie Quotes


“If one has taken a false step it is likely to happen again as the harm has already been done.


All people commit different sins. Even those, who affirm that they are sinless, have exactly committed such an act, which has negative consequences in any case. Being unfaithful to his bride Kristin, Jean absolutely will do it another time. His betrayal will seduce him repeatedly, when he accidentally bumps into Julie in her house. Jean will not have a way out to change everything, because he has already hurt Kristin. His sin is great and even if he tries to rectify the situation, he cannot return everything. Julie has also committed a terrible act, because Kristin treats her well and trusts her. The wrong step, which Jean and Julie have made, destroys their dignity and self-esteem. A person, who once sinned, will become a slave of sin.

“It must be a terrible misfortune to be poor.”


A dog may lie on the couch of a Countess; a horse may be caressed by a lady’s hand, but a servant always remains a servant. Jean remains a servant not because of the fact that he has no money, but only because of society, which is accustomed to see him as a servant. People, who have a lot of money, have glory. Julie, who is the Count’s daughter, is very rich and she has a label – everybody knows her as a well-mannered lady and everybody must treat to her with respect. Well, who is Jean? He is only a servant, who has a label of a poor man without a promising future. Everyone judges people by the purses. That is why it is very difficult to be poor.

“I do not believe in anything anymore.”


Trust is a quality which allows you to live in harmony with the world and yourself. After all, it helps you to have confidence in somebody, whom you love and esteem. Well, what if the person you trust once betrays you. The whole world loses its meaning and you will not be able to trust anyone anymore. Julie loses her tiny world, in which she and Jean were happy. Her confidence in Jean disappears together with her world. He promised her to run away together, but he cannot keep his word. Julie gives up on Jean, because he takes her trust, which helps Julie to have the only hope of being happy. Disappointment is a reason why Julie does not believe people anymore.

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