Miss Julie Imagery

Miss Julie Imagery

The Count’s kitchen

The action of the play takes place in the Count’s kitchen. The kitchen is large and “its ceiling and walls are partially covered by draperies and greens.” Just here, where “a fountain with a statue of Cupid, syringa bushes in bloom and tall poplars are located,” the main characters sort out their relationship. The kitchen “looks cozy” and there are all the facilities for the cook. The imagery of the kitchen gives a strong impression of the luxurious and rich house of the Count.

Jean’s dream

Jean often has a dream that he is lying in “a dark wood under a tall tree” and he wants up to the top, where he can look far over the fair landscape, where “the sun is sunning.” He climbs to plunder the birds’ nests up, where “the golden eggs lie,” but the tree trunk is “very thick, smooth and high.” Jean knows that if he wants to reach to the top, he should climb as though on a ladder. The imagery of Jean’s dream gives an impression of his desire to be in high society.

The garden of paradise

Somehow, Jean comes the garden of the Count with his mother to weed onions. Where the garden begins, there is “a Turkish pavilion, shaded with jessamine and in bushes of honeysuckle.” Jean does not know what the pavilion is for, but he has never seen anything “so beautiful” in his life. He enters inside of the house and sees “many pictures of kings and emperors on the walls” and there are “red-fringed curtains at the windows.” It is a real fairy tale. The imagery of the Count’s garden gives an impression of paradise, where Jean admires its beauty.

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