Miss Julie Characters

Miss Julie Character List

Miss Julie

The tragic protagonist of the play and the twenty-five year old daughter of the Count who owns the estate in which it is set. She is headstrong and imperious as a result of her mother raising her to adopt the cultural position of a man. These aspects of her personality led to the breaking off of her former engagement and resulting shameless behaviour. Her character is of a dual nature, switching between social superiority and dalliance with her more common associates, desiring dominion over men but also her own downfall.


The thirty-year-old valet of the Count's estate. He is the subject of Miss Julie's advances after her failed engagement. Jean suffers from a profound envy regarding his position in the class system and as a result has a great capacity for cruelty. While initially presenting himself as courteous, he soon reveals his inner sadism. Like Miss Julie, he is somewhat dualistic and simultaneously degrades her while envying her social position.


The thirty-five year old cook of the Count's estate and Jean's fiancé. She shares in Jean's gossip about Miss Julie's scandalous behaviour. Despite her own common status, she is an ardent believer in the class system, in stark contrast to the views of Jean.

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