Miss Julie Metaphors and Similes

Miss Julie Metaphors and Similes

Fall into the abyss (metaphor)

In parallel to Jean, Julie also has the same dream. She dreams that she is climbing a pillar and wants to fall down. However, she cannot do it, because she does not have enough courage to fall down. “To fall down” has a metaphorical significance of “being in a low social class.” Julie is bored with a rich life and she wants to get out of the Count’s house, but as she says, she is afraid of falling down. It means to become an ordinary peasant woman.

Obedient as a dog (simile)

When Jean refuses to escape with Julie, she is very upset. She is tired of keeping their affair in secret. Julie is incapable of feeling, not able to be sorry, not able to go, not able to stay, not able to live – not able to die. She asks Jean for help. If he “commands her, Julie will obey like a dog.” It means that she will fulfill any request only not to feel mental anguish.

Like hot wine (simile)

Jean is sure that there is no doubt about his love to Julie. She is beautiful, elegant, accomplished, and lovable, when Julie wishes to be. Moreover, the flame that she awakens in man does not die easily. Julie is “like hot wine with strong spices.” Jean means that Julie is so attractive, she is hot and her smell attracts him. Julie is getting better with the years like wine.

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