Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey Summary and Analysis of Chapters 15-20


Christian and Ana spend the evening at her apartment, which is mostly packed up. The next day, Elliott will be helping Ana and Kate with the move; Christian has to pick up his sister, Mia, from the airport. As they review the contract together, Christian hints that he might be willing to try some elements of a more traditional relationship. He does insist on her accepting a new car as a graduation gift, as he has become concerned about the safety of the car she currently drives. The two of them bicker about the control he exerts, but this quickly turns to passionate love making. Afterwards, Christian tells Ana that he will arrange for her to see a doctor about birth control. Christian is eager for Ana to officially sign the contract. Before he leaves, Christian spanks Ana and has rough sex with her.

By the time Christian leaves, Ana feels confused and overwhelmed. She calls her mother, who suggests that Ana come and visit her in Georgia. By the time Kate returns, Ana is visibly upset. Ana and Christian exchange some emails, and he senses that she is upset. Christian returns to the apartment, and Kate angrily confronts him. Christian insists on seeing Ana, and tells her that he needs her to be honest about what she is feeling. Much to Ana's surprise, he spends the night sleeping next to her.

The next morning, Christian oversleeps and leaves hurriedly. Ana goes to work her final shift at Clayton's where she receives another package: Christian has given her a BlackBerry so that they can email at all times. Afterwards, Taylor comes and collects Ana's old car.

José, Kate, and Ana spend their final night in the apartment reminiscing happily about their friendship and college memories. The next day, they move in to their new apartment in the Pike Place Market district of Seattle.

On Sunday, Ana eagerly hurries to Christian's apartment. She meets with the doctor he has hired, Dr. Green, who prescribes her birth control pills. Afterwards, Christian and Ana experiment with his playroom and various types of kinky sex.

Later that day, Ana and Christian go to his parents' house for dinner. Kate is attending as well. Ana is pleased to be meeting his family. The evening gets off to a good start, however, over dinner, Ana casually mentions that she is considering a trip to Georgia. Christian is visibly angry that she did not discuss this with him. After dinner, Christian suggests that he and Ana tour the grounds, but to her surprise, he takes her to a deserted boathouse and makes love to her. However, Kate is becoming increasingly concerned by what she observes as Christian's controlling behavior.

Afterwards, Ana tells Christian that she would like to go to Georgia because she feels a need for space and time to reflect on their blossoming relationship. He agrees, urging her to take the time to fully reflect before signing the contract. She goes back to his apartment with him, and tries to get him to be more open with her. Christian hesitates, and finally tells her that his birth mother died when he was four, and that he has no memories of her. Ana is increasingly convinced that Christian's traumatic childhood is responsible for his sexual preferences.


Christian and Ana's affection for one another is increasing steadily: his willingness to contemplate offering her some of what she wants signals that he feels an investment he doesn't seem to ever have felt for his previous lovers. However, Christian's increasing affection is also manifested in the control he exerts. He is insistent on her getting a new car because he seems very agitated about any possibility of risk she might experience while driving an older model. Ana's introduction to contraception also is not framed as a way of empowering her, or giving her control over her body and health. Christian gives her no say in the matter, and essentially tells her that she has to accommodate his desire to have sex without condoms. Likewise, the BlackBerry might make Ana's life more convenient, but this benefit is incidental. Primarily, Christian wants total access to her time and energy.

Christian also gets bolder about introducing Ana to the types of kinky sex he enjoys. When he spanks her as a "punishment" for rolling her eyes at him, Christian is revealing the type of dynamic he most enjoys. However, Ana is ambivalent about the experience. She experiences pleasure, but also shame, and is also confused by the way in which her shame heightens her pleasure. Christian is no-nonsense, and believes Ana should stop worrying and embrace the enjoyment she is starting to feel when she submits to him. This response fails to fully account for Ana's emotional needs, especially at a time when she is feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed. Perhaps because no one has ever cared for Christian, he doesn't know how to be attentive to the needs of anyone else.

The distress Ana feels around her relationship with Christian and whatever future they might have also begins to weigh increasingly heavily on her. Because he is cold, distant, and domineering, Ana finds it hard to express her feelings to him. Kate becomes increasingly distrustful and suspicious about the relationship, and even Ana starts to believe it might be best for her to get some time and distance to reflect.

Christian's reaction to the news that Ana might be taking a trip confirms just how domineering he has become. Je feels entitled to determine where she goes, and even keep her from seeing her family. However, as Christian's behavior grows increasingly dark, readers also learn more about his motivations and history of trauma. Christian has clearly had a very difficult past. To a reader, it is clear that he is falling in love with Ana, and that these feelings are driving him to become more possessive and controlling because he is terrified of losing her.