Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey Character List

Anastasia "Ana" Steele

Ana is the female protagonist of the book, portrayed as being shy and self-conscious. When Christian first meets Ana, she is a student studying English literature at Washington State University, Vancouver and living with her best friend Kate. She is a virgin, and somewhat naive and idealistic in her views of romantic relationships.

Christian Grey

Christian Grey is an attractive and extremely wealthy entrepreneur who lives in Seattle. He is very private, and it is eventually revealed that he enjoys BDSM as the dominant. Christian needs to be totally in control in all aspects of his life, and he finds emotional intimacy challenging. However, despite his best efforts, he becomes deeply attached to Ana.

José Rodriguez

José Rodriguez is one of Ana's good friends. He is a fellow student at Washington State University, although he is a year behind Ana in his studies. José is a talented photographer; he also has romantic feelings for Ana, which she does not reciprocate.

Katherine "Kate" Kavanagh

Kate is Ana's roommate and best friend. She attends the same university as Ana, but is studying journalism. Kate comes from a wealthy family, and is very confident, flirtatious, and beautiful. She ends up romantically involved with Christian's brother, Elliott. Kate is very protective of Ana, and is sometimes mistrustful of Christian.

Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey

Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey is the adoptive mother of Christian Grey, and his siblings Mia Grey and Elliot Grey. She is pediatrician, and came to adopt Christian when he was four after his mother committed suicide. She is shown as a loving and caring motherly figure towards Christian, although he often keeps his feelings hidden around her and does not confide in her.

Elliot Grey

Elliot is the younger brother of Christian Grey; they are not biologically related, since they are both adopted. Elliot is much more playful, spontaneous, and laid back than his brother. He ends up dating Kate, who is Ana's best friend.


Taylor is Christian's driver and right-hand man. He is a very discreet and aloof presence, but he sometimes shows a quiet kindness towards Ana.

Ethan Kavanagh

Ethan is Kate's brother; he is very handsome and charming, much like his sister.

"Mrs. Robinson"

Mrs. Robinson is the nickname Ana uses to refer to Christian's friend and former lover. Christian discloses to Ana that he was initiated into BDSM as a young teenager by an older woman who was friends with his mother. He no longer has a sexual relationship with Mrs. Robinson but they are still close friends. This information makes Ana very jealous.


Ray is Ana's former stepfather; he was married to her mother during Ana's childhood, and she has a very close relationship with him. Since Ana's biological father died when she was a baby, she considers Ray to be her father, and calls him "Dad."