Fifty Shades of Grey Imagery

Fifty Shades of Grey Imagery

Christian’s office

Christian’s office is too big for just one person. It has a lot of space: “in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, there are a huge modern dark-wood desk and the coffee table.” Ceiling, floors and walls are “white.” Displayed together, all furniture and elements of decoration are “breathtaking.” The imagery of the office gives an impression of Christian’s excellent taste and the fact that he likes to be alone.

Red room

The red room is a place, where Christian likes to take pleasure. The room smells of “leather, wood, polish with a faint citrus scent.” The walls and ceiling are a deep, dark burgundy, “giving a womb-like effect to the spacious room”. The red room has many different constructions and items, which Christian uses for BDSM. The main attribute of the room is a bed, which is bigger than king-size, “an ornately carved rococo four-poster with a flat top.” The imagery of the red room gives an impression of passion and enjoyment.

Christian’s eyes

When Ana stares up into Christian’s smoldering gray gaze, she sees “his Dom gaze.” His eyes are “cold, hard, and sexy as hell, seven shades of sin in one enticing look.” Ana’s mouth dries, and she knows she will do anything he asks. An almost cruel smile plays across Christian's lips. His appearance is attractive and frightening, but Anastasia wants him more and more. The imagery of Christian’s eyes represents his dark soul and his character as master of all he surveys.

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