Fifty Shades of Grey Irony

Fifty Shades of Grey Irony

Unusual relationship

Christian offers Anastasia to sign a contract. His “idea of a relationship is more like a job offer.” It has set hours, a job description and a rather harsh grievance procedure. If Anastasia tells him that she wants more, Christian may say no and Anastasia can lose him. The irony is based on the fact that it is not how Anastasia imagines her first romance, but she still accepts his offer.

In wealth and in grievance

Mentally, Anastasia is in Christian’s fantasy apartment, having fantasy sex with a fantasy boyfriend. However, here is a harsh reality: “Christian wants a special agreement, but he says that he will try to do more for Ana.” Anastasia needs to clarify between them to see if they are still at opposite ends on the see-saw or if they are inching closer together. The ironical fact is that Anastasia has everything, but she is unhappy and the reason is an atypical contract.

Ready to be torn- apart

Anastasia always likes when Christian gently embraces and kisses her. He lifts the hem of her bathrobe and it feels more intimate than being naked. Christian says that he is going to punish Ana and spank her. “He says that Ana does not even dare to run away.” The irony is based on the fact that Ana will be running to avoid the punishment. “But if Christian opens his arms, Ana will run to him, not away from him.”

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