Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey Metaphors and Similes

"His voice is warm and husky like dark melted chocolate fudge caramel" (pg. 25) (Simile)

Ana uses this simile to describe Christian's voice when he unexpectedly shows up at the hardware store where she works. Firstly, the simile conveys how attractive Ana finds him. She compares his voice to delicious and decadent foods, implying that it gives her pleasure and arouses a certain desire to consume. Just as the taste of one of these sweet foods would likely inspire someone to want more, every encounter with Christian makes Ana crave more of him. The garbled, run-on metaphor also shows Ana's confusion: she was not expecting to see him, and can barely form a coherent thought in his presence. And finally, the metaphor speaks to her innocence. Somewhat childishly, the only thing that Ana can think to compare Christian to are sweet treats.

"I am quaking like a leaf" (pg. 111) (Simile)

When Christian takes Ana into his bedroom to make love to her for the first time, she uses this simile to describe the way she feels. Ana is trembling with a combination of nervousness, excitement, and anticipation. By comparing herself to a leaf, Ana conveys how small, timid, and insignificant she feels. She is alone with Christian in a huge space that conveys all of his power and authority. She is totally at his mercy.

"His words are like some kind of incendiary device; my blood flames" (pg. 111) (Metaphor)

As they prepare to make love for the first time, Ana uses this metaphor to describe the effect Christian has on her. Ana has never really experienced sexual desire before she met him, but she immediately recognizes the way her body responds to him. By comparing her blood bursting into flames, Ana conveys the intensity of the arousal she feels when Christian is around. The comparison to something catching fire also reflects the way that Ana and Christian's chemistry feeds off of their proximity to one another. Ana has always had a sensual capacity inside of her, but she was unaware of it until Christian acted like the spark to help her fully experience a new aspect of herself.

"The more girly I look perhaps the safer I'll be from Bluebeard" (pg. 126) (Metaphor)

Ana uses this metaphor the morning after she and Christian make love for the first time. She wakes up before he does, feeling both thrilled and nervous to be in his apartment. Ana uses a metaphor which is also an allusion: Bluebeard refers to a famous folktale about a wealthy man whose wives mysteriously keep disappearing. One day, his newest wife curiously explores a hidden chamber where she finds the bodies of all his previous wives. Ana uses the metaphor playfully, poking fun at Christian's tendency to be secretive. At the same time, the metaphor reveals that she does not fully trust Christian and is in fact slightly afraid of his intensity and dominance.

"He comes bounding into the shop like a gamboling dark-eyed puppy" (pg. 182) (Simile)

Ana uses this simile to describe her friend José. The simile shows her affection for José, but it also highlights how she cannot be attracted to anyone except Christian. In some ways, José is the more appropriate choice to be Ana's boyfriend. He is her age and is at a similar life stage. The two of them are close friends and always have lots to talk about. José also makes it clear that he has romantic feelings for Ana, and he would love to date her. However, the comparison to a puppy shows that Ana feels affection but no desire for José. José is harmless and sweet, whereas Christian is mysterious and even slightly threatening. The more time Ana spends with Christian, the more impossible it is for her to consider pursuing a relationship with any other man.