Tucker: The Man and His Dream Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Tucker: The Man and His Dream Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Pic Magazine

The Pic magazine that Tucker holds is a symbol of how advertising can sway an entire nation to believe in a product, and thus purchase it before it is ever materialized from the idea stage to reality. If it is in the magazine it's real.

Roast Beef

Tucker has the men he's meeting with about forming a new car company eat rare roast beef while watching a slideshow of deaths in automobiles. It's a symbol of his paying attention to every detail in order to get exactly what he wants which is an emotional, or guttural reaction from the men in order to side with him in creating a safer automobile.

T for Tucker

We see the letter T being hoisted up on top of the automobile factory to spell out Tucker. It is a symbol of a crucifix which Tucker believes is coming for him. That the car companies and the politicians are looking to crucify him for taking away from their profits.

Tucker Automobile

The Tucker automobile is itself a symbol of how advertising and showmanship sells an idea to the American public in such a way that creates great demand for it before it was ever made. Thus the illusion creates the reality that Tucker desires: demand for his car.

The Plant

Tucker is taken to trial by the SEC and they say that he has no cars ready from the production line. We then see the factory full of cars. It is a symbol that the politicians are using publicity and false statements to slander Tucker and rip away the truth: that he has created a car that is better than any on the market.

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