Tucker: The Man and His Dream Summary

Tucker: The Man and His Dream Summary

Tucker has always been interested in cars; he has helped design a mobile for WWII and has made his fortune off that venture. He also devotes time to his small family, consisting of his wife Vera and his children. Yet Tucker dreams of building a revolutionary car that would change everything. Its features would include disc brakes, seat belts, and head lights that swivel upon turning.

In order to build this car, he employs Alex to help with the design aspect and Abe to finance the project. Robert becomes an employee of their new company, Tucker Corporation.

However, the board of directors are doubtful that Tucker would be able to successfully build the car that he is promoting and such send him off on a publicity campaign instead. Whilst he is away, the board change his design of the car completely and take away the safety aspects. Tucker is then informed that he has lost any power to the company.

He then gets a call from Howard Hughes who arranges a meeting with him, in which he convinces Tucker to purchase Air Cooled Motors, which can provide the steel that Tucker needs for his car design. Tucker then designs the engine for the car from home and the first attempt appears to be successful. However, Tucker is accused of stock fraud and Abe is forced to resign from his position in the company.

Tucker is eventually considered innocent, but his company has become bankrupt and he is no longer able to sell the cars that he made. He dies seven years later with his dream unfulfilled. But later, the film ends with a series of fifty Tucker sedans traveling down the road.

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