Tucker: The Man and His Dream Essay Questions

Essay Questions

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    Why are magazines and "headlines" used throughout the film?

    Coppola uses the fact that the American public is easily swayed by the information they are fed by big business and media outlets. If a magazine says it's true, it's true. If they hear it on the radio it is definitive. Tucker uses this to sell his automobile to the American people, and the SEC uses it to attempt to ruin Tucker's reputation and thus end anyone's desire to but the automobile.

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    Why is manufacturing the Tucker automobile in Chicago significant?

    The significance of manufacturing automobiles in Chicago is significant because Detroit has the stronghold on car production. When Tucker is granted the largest factory in the world to produce his innovative automobile it cuts the Detroit manufacturers off at the knees. They are mass producing cars that don't have the safety features nor innovative design elements that Tucker's car will have. And he is doing it all on his own. A single man taking on the car industry is bad news for the Big 3 and they seek to squash him before he ever gets his automobile on the streets, which means that profits plummet for them.

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    How does Coppola's use of transitioning from one setting to another link thematically to the film?

    Coppola uses shots of Tucker walking from his dining room into the factory in Chicago. Then we see him and his wife on the phone and with a quick pan we go from being with Vera to being with Tucker. Then we see Abe and Tucker in a similar shot, and finally the photograph falling to the floor in Tucker and Vera's bedroom before becoming the actual man in the photograph. All of these shots relate to the innovations that have occurred in order for Tucker and the other characters to connect. The shots of Tucker on the phone with Vera and Abe show how the invention of the telephone has revolutionized communication. That we can talk to one another as if side by side. The photograph represent the invention of the camera. How an image can tell us so much about a person before we ever meet them. And Tucker walking from dining room table to factory floor represents the main theme of the film: a dream coming to fruition.

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