Tucker: The Man and His Dream Characters

Tucker: The Man and His Dream Character List

Preston Tucker

Tucker is the protagonist of the story. He is an inventor or more accurately a dreamer who believes in innovating the newest technology for the people of America to use. He is intelligent and witty, and uses advertising to his advantage as he is able to raise funds before he ever has a real car. He is taken to trial by the Security and Exchange Commission, but really sought out by the politicians whose pockets are being lined by the Detroit car companies. He wins at trial but his Tucker cars are not allowed to be made any further.


Abe is a former crook turned business man who helps Tucker to get money for his cars and even sells them to people before they are ever made. He is deeply ashamed of his fraudulent past, but stands true with Tucker through the trial.


Vera is Tucker's wife. She is not the typical woman in the 1940s, and instead steps in and handles business in boardrooms and makes decisions with Tucker about the car. She is a fighter and stands firmly with her husband through the trial of making the Tucker automobile.


Jimmy is an engineer and friend of Tucker's who helps him to design and build the first Tucker automobile. He's a man who is willing to try anything and also loyal to Tucker to the very end.


Alex is a designer who sells himself to Tucker on Preston's front porch. After he saw Tucker's design for a new car, he couldn't let go of it and had to get a job working for the man himself. He does and gives everything to ensure the production of Preston's dream.

Senator Homer Ferguson

The Senator is in league with the Detroit auto makers and stands firmly against Tucker making his new car. He does everything he can to ensure the SEC investigates and brings Tucker to trial so that the auto makers won't lose any money. He is defeated when the people of the jury find Tucker not guilty of the fraudulent charges brought against him.

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