Tucker: The Man and His Dream Quotes


"But, so what it says so in the magazine."

Pharmacy Employee

The man serving Tucker and his family ice cream says this to Tucker while Preston flips through a magazine and says that the invention can't work. The man's statement sparks Tucker's imagination to do the same thing with his car. To advertise it before it's ever made in order to raise money for it.

"People don't buy stock; they buy people they can trust."

Investment Banker

Abe hears this from an investment banker while he is trying to figure out how stocks are purchased for Tucker's automobile. It shows that people don't purchase based on facts, but on people them seem to trust.

"He's not a Jap. He's an engineer."


Tucker says this to Abe when Abe first meets Jimmy. The era is post WWII which means there is a heightened fear of anyone who looks Japanese. Internment camps have been set up and fear runs rampant in the States, but Tucker only sees the heart of the man not the exterior.

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