"The Stolen Party" and Other Stories

"The Stolen Party" and Other Stories Metaphors and Similes

The Maid’s Daughter (Metaphor)

Early in the story, Rosaura's mother tells Rosaura that she is not Luciana's friend; to Luciana's family, Rosaura is simply "the maid's daughter." While the term is a statement of fact, Herminia also means it to refer metaphorically to Rosaura's class position. Being the maid's daughter means Rosaura is distinct from the other children who attend the party. While the other childrens' parents presumably have equal socioeconomic standing with Luciana's mother, Herminia fears that Rosaura will be rejected by the rich people when they discover she is merely the maid's daughter.

Stolen Party (Metaphor)

The story's title carries a metaphoric meaning. Rosaura, in her innocence, experiences the party as the happiest day of her life. Unfortunately, Señora Ines "steals" Rosaura's positive impression of the party when she offers the girl money for the helpful things she did while in attendance. Paradoxically, Ines's offer of money steals from Rosaura her happy experience of the party, recasting her time there as work, not play.

You Like to Fart Higher than Your Ass (Metaphor)

After Rosaura defends her interest in attending Luciana's party—even though Luciana's family is rich—Herminia teases her daughter, accusing her of liking to "fart higher than [her] ass." The crude phrase uses metaphoric language to accuse Rosaura of thinking herself better than her low class position would suggest. To fart higher than her ass means Rosaura thinks of herself as occupying a higher position than she actually does.